10 Dire Maul (East) Runs : Loot Tally

On this site I will refrain from listing the value of items with the exception of raw gold/vendor gold as every server is different and I don’t wish to give people the wrong idea.

Dungeon: Dire Maul (East)

Time for 10 Clears: 2.5 minutes per run on average.

Raw Gold + Vendor Greys, Soulbound and Junk: 138g

Dungeon Farming Potential: Good


  • 2 x Strong Iron Lockbox

Crafting Materials

  • 10-15 Each of Classic/Vanilla Herbs 10+ varieties.
  • 13 x Silk Cloth.
  • 17 x Living Essence

Plans & Patterns

  • Pattern: Spider Belt

Transmog & Pets

  • 20+ greens with Low (xxx) to Low-Med (xxxx) Value.
  • Tricksters Leggings

Best Item

  • Tricksters Leggings


I personally found that dire Maul West was a faster farm, and while both wings share a loot table and drop a steady supply of herbs and low value greens, the run in the west wing was 30-45 seconds faster per run, and while the raw gold was lower (100g vs 138g) I felt the rate that blues dropped was far higher in the West Wing.

I focused farming the first room (up and downstairs) which gives a steady supply of elites and trash mobs.

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