10 Molten Core Trash Runs : Loot Tally

On this site I will refrain from listing the value of items with the exception of raw gold/vendor gold as every server is different and I don’t wish to give people the wrong idea.

Dungeon: Molten Core

Time for 10 Clears: 4 minutes per run on average.

Raw Gold + Vendor Greys, Soulbound and Junk: 38g

Dungeon Farming Potential: Poor


  • None

Crafting Materials

  • 38 x Lava Core
  • 32 x Fiery Core
  • 5 x Blood of the Mountain
  • 52 x Deeprock Salt
  • 95 x Solid Stone
  • 22 x Elemental Earth
  • 20 x Elemental Fire
  • 11 x Essence of Fire
  • 20 x Essence of Earth
  • 22 x Heart of Fire
  • 83 x Coal

Plans & Patterns

  • Plan: Thorium Boots 
  • Formula : Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina

Transmog & Pets

  • Demon Guard
  • Hero’s Breastplate
  • 10+ Very Low Value Epics
  • 10+ Very Low Value Greens

Best Item

  • Demon Guard


This runs main worth is as a miner, you get roughly 12 pierces of dark iron ore per run, while not massively in demand it normally sells within a day and for over 45G per ore, netting you a tidy sum, without being a miner your only raw gold income is grey trash giving this one of the lowest gold per run averages of 3.8g per 4 minute run.

Its a decent run with plenty of elites to farm, that being said roughly 90% of them wont even drop trash, making large stretches of the farm feel entirely pointless.

The majority of epic drops from Molten Core is belts, often worth barely above vendor value and below disenchant value.

One bright spot is blood of the mountain, a rare crafting regent that is worth upper xxx on most servers, i received 5 from 10 runs.

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