10 Stratholme Runs: Loot Tally

On this site, I will refrain from listing the value of items except for raw gold/vendor gold as every server is different, and I don’t wish to give people the wrong idea.

Dungeon: Stratholme

Time for 10 Clears: 6 minutes per run on average.

Raw Gold + Vendor Greys, Soulbound and Junk: 762g

Dungeon Farming Potential: Good


  • 2 x Reinforced Steel Lockbox
  • 1 x Steel Lockbox

Crafting Materials

  • 276 x Silk Cloth
  • 1213 x Mageweave Cloth
  • 5 x Rune Cloth
  • 114 x Nightcrawlers (fishing bait)]
  • 94 x Ichor of Undeath
  • 27 x Reightous Orb
  • 7 x Essence of Undeath

Plans & Patterns

  • Plans: Blight
  • Schematic: Voice Amplification Modulator

Transmog & Pets

  • 38 x Low/Medium Value Greens.

Best Item

  • Schematic: Voice Amplification Modulator


This run is a simple affair once you memorise the route, I found it was possible to kill 6 of the bosses/mini-bosses without too much backtracking, and many areas allowed massive pulls, I found the drops to be overall higher per pull than any vanilla instance done to date, with 38 green tmogs and 1500ish craft materials.

I encountered no RP delays, and a wide array of humanoid/undead mobs are great for those farming Mageweave Cloth.

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