10 BlackFathom Deeps Runs : Loot Tally

To get the highest chance of drops you will want to ignore all bonus objective bosses, doing this allows you to spawn a room with over 20 mobs at the last but 1 boss of the encounter, this is a fantastic way to tempt RNG to give you something good!

This dungeon drops a very large amount of moderately fast selling/low 4 digit value green tmog items, as well as the chance for some blue items that can easily reach 5 and even 6 digits.

The dungeon always spawns a chest in of 2 places that are seconds apart, you will find these spawns right before you kill Executioner Gore, they are to the north and west of his location, on the raised brick/stone patios near the stairwells.

One point of interest is this instance is fantastic for getting tangy clam meat, which sold instantly for around 1.2g per piece, while not amazing, its fast gold.

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