10 Scarlet Halls Runs: Loot Tally

I found this dungeon much better than Scarlet Monastery, with less backtracking and apart from a small forced rp scene with first boss, its fast and straightforward kill/loot/reset loop.

I found that low/medium value green items dropped much more frequently, and some runs I received 6+ greens, however many were very low value or bracers, and only 20+ were worth keeping from the roughly 40+ drops.

For those who want to grind for ultra-rare items, Scarlet Halls does have a few desirable items with a low drop rate, as it shares a loot table with Scarlet Monastery either of these runs (and the mobs outside the dungeons) give a small chance to drop big-ticket items such as Silver-Thread Robe, Bloodspiller, the Butcher, and Chesterfall Musket.  

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