10 Wailing Caverns Runs : Loot Tally

I found it easier to avoid full clears and instead only clear the eastern wing, a larger concentration of trash allowed sub 4 minute runs when using a druid and their Moonglade skill to quickly return to entrance, While mats and plans are definitely on the lower side, the amount of BoE greens was very impressive, including several very desirable tmog which have a 4-5 digit price tag on most servers.

There is also a decent amount of vendor trash and soulbound which gave me nearly 480g from ten runs in raw gold, I suggest bring a mount with a vendor as mid way you will need to vendor trash to make room for the drops, as there are a lot of trash drops in this instance that provide roughly 45% of your total raw gold, and it would be a shame to simply delete them.

Its a fantastic run for new Tmog collectors and I fully intend to run it many more times.

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