The Ruby Sanctum 25 Man : Loot Tally

This raid can only be run once per reset (week) so is not a good farm, a single run takes about 2 minutes and offers about 180g.

While that is decent raw instance gold for 2 minutes, and is higher than 10 clears of many lower dungeons, its rather out of the way, and as an alliance player you are looking at 10-15 minutes of travel from Stormwind.

There is a chance for some epic BoE drops, but they are mostly low 4 digit values.

Important note, if you have a skinner its worth pulling all the trash (while avoiding the bosses) and skinning them, it will give you a steady source of Borean Leather, if you pull only trash, exit instance and reset you can easily get 1.5-2 stacks of leather in 15 minutes, and while it wont make you rich, converting this to Heavy Borean Leather can net you a premium, as the mat is used for leatherworkers to barter for high end recipes and is in constant demand.

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