10 Molten Core Trash Runs : Loot Tally

This runs main worth is as a miner, you get roughly 12 pierces of dark iron ore per run, while not massively in demand it normally sells within a day and for over 45G per ore, netting you a tidy sum, without being a miner your only raw gold income is grey trash giving this one of the lowest gold per run averages of 3.8g per 4 minute run.

Its a decent run with plenty of elites to farm, that being said roughly 90% of them wont even drop trash, making large stretches of the farm feel entirely pointless.

The majority of epic drops from Molten Core is belts, often worth barely above vendor value and below disenchant value.

One bright spot is blood of the mountain, a rare crafting regent that is worth upper xxx on most servers, i received 5 from 10 runs.

10 Razorfen Kraul Runs : Loot Tally

This run was a dream come true, i have never had so many 5 digit value items drop before in a single run, having found 3 pets and 7 rare weapons in 10 runs, not to mention it boasts the highest raw gold total to date, that being said Razorfen Downs offers a better raw gold per hour playtime.

Almost no back tracking Or RP make this a great starter run for new farmers, a simple kill/loot/reset cycle that offers up a surprisingly good array of goodies including items like.

10 Razorfen Downs Runs : Loot Tally

This is one of my favourite dungeons to date, it forces almost no backtracking, has decent mob density, drops a wide array of low/low mid value tmogs, it can spawn 5+ chests per run and all this in under 3 minutes per run if you are new to it, and I was able to shave my later runs to 2.45 minutes making this one of the fastest runs and one of the highest Raw Gold-Per-Hour Playtime I have yet to farm.

I would list this as my new favourite farm by far.

10 Scarlet Halls Runs: Loot Tally

I found this dungeon much better than Scarlet Monastery, with less backtracking and apart from a small forced rp scene with first boss, its fast and straightforward kill/loot/reset loop.

I found that low/medium value green items dropped much more frequently, and some runs I received 6+ greens, however many were very low value or bracers, and only 20+ were worth keeping from the roughly 40+ drops.

For those who want to grind for ultra-rare items, Scarlet Halls does have a few desirable items with a low drop rate, as it shares a loot table with Scarlet Monastery either of these runs (and the mobs outside the dungeons) give a small chance to drop big-ticket items such as Silver-Thread Robe, Bloodspiller, the Butcher, and Chesterfall Musket.  

10 Scarlet Monastery Runs: Loot Tally

This run has a fair bit of backtracking walking in circles to corral all the mobs and honestly the drops just aren’t that amazing or frequent for the amount of humanoids you kill on an average run, however the gold/silver per mob is decent, and its a nice source of silk.

One of the least enjoyable runs due to the backtracking and rp scenes, while its better than Shadowfang Keep, its still pretty annoying to waste 15 seconds a run as Whitemane stuns you and rez’s the commander.

For those who want to grind for ultra rare items, Scarlet Monastery does have a few desirable items with a low drop rate.

10 Gnomeregan Runs : Loot Tally

This run has a fair bit of backtracking to kill all of the leper gnomes (best mobs to farm for drops) and honestly until you memorise the bets route it will feel a bit of a waste of time, but i encourage you to keep at.

The main reason to run Gnomeregan is for the steady supply of very fast selling low value greens (100-200g region) I sold 10 within 30 minutes all to different buyers, and for the chance of ultra rare items like Hotshot Pilot Gloves, which on some servers can easily buy you a token by themselves.

The Grim Encrusted Objects also have a niche market and 10 runs will net you around 150 of them.

10 BlackFathom Deeps Runs : Loot Tally

To get the highest chance of drops you will want to ignore all bonus objective bosses, doing this allows you to spawn a room with over 20 mobs at the last but 1 boss of the encounter, this is a fantastic way to tempt RNG to give you something good!

This dungeon drops a very large amount of moderately fast selling/low 4 digit value green tmog items, as well as the chance for some blue items that can easily reach 5 and even 6 digits.

The dungeon always spawns a chest in of 2 places that are seconds apart, you will find these spawns right before you kill Executioner Gore, they are to the north and west of his location, on the raised brick/stone patios near the stairwells.

One point of interest is this instance is fantastic for getting tangy clam meat, which sold instantly for around 1.2g per piece, while not amazing, its fast gold.

10 ShadowFang Keep Runs : Loot Tally

As an alliance toon, this run has loads of unskippable role play scenes that add about 2 minutes onto each run, personally I quit this run before the last but one boss, as honestly there are so few mobs and so much rp after that point, it’s really not worth it.

The very best items from this dungeon can be found in the chests, make sure to open every one you see, also you loot appraiser or TSM may not fully take into account the value of non scaled items, as even some of the lvl19 rings from Shadowfang Keep when not scaled to lvl 60 are worth mid 5 digit sum of gold for twinks!

Chests are the only source for these items when running it on a high level toon. 

10 Wailing Caverns Runs : Loot Tally

I found it easier to avoid full clears and instead only clear the eastern wing, a larger concentration of trash allowed sub 4 minute runs when using a druid and their Moonglade skill to quickly return to entrance, While mats and plans are definitely on the lower side, the amount of BoE greens was very impressive, including several very desirable tmog which have a 4-5 digit price tag on most servers.

There is also a decent amount of vendor trash and soulbound which gave me nearly 480g from ten runs in raw gold, I suggest bring a mount with a vendor as mid way you will need to vendor trash to make room for the drops, as there are a lot of trash drops in this instance that provide roughly 45% of your total raw gold, and it would be a shame to simply delete them.

Its a fantastic run for new Tmog collectors and I fully intend to run it many more times.

The Obsidian Sanctum 25 man: Loot Tally

While that is decent raw instance gold for 1 minute, and is higher than 10 clears of many lower dungeons, its rather out of the way, and as an alliance player you are looking at 10-15 minutes of travel from Stormwind.

This Raid is only worth running for 2 reasons, one of which is for the mounts (BoP)

If you solo the 10 man you have a 100% chance of getting [Reins of the Black Drake], the mechanic required is to kill the main boss (Sartharion) before any of the smaller dragons.

If you solo the 25 man you have a 100% chance of getting [Reins of the Twilight Drake], the mechanic required is to kill the main boss (Sartharion) before any of the smaller dragons.

And the second reason is, if you are running The Ruby Sanctum, its right next door, so might as well do both!

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