World of Warcraft: Making 1 Million Gold #Update 7

And I am back after another dungeon run, this time its Wailing Caverns, that despite its name did not bore me to near tears, unlike Ragefire Chasm which was a test of mental endurance and dexterity, not to mention near pointless profit wise..

The Runs were incredibly successful and gave me 5 very interesting tmogs which have a medium/high sell rate and a bunch of lower value tmog which we will have to see how well they sell, overall the runs gave decent raw gold , just short of 480g!

Auctions have continued to go, somewhat well considering my low value items, plans sell steadily for 50-100g and a few more low value green tmogs have sold, while its not big money my current total gold is 4273g!

Gold to go: 995727

Current Inventory Value: 153.584g

Tmog Sales: A Few Low value Tmogs have sold in last few days, yet nothing over 300g

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