World of Warcraft: Making 1 Million Gold #Update 8

Sorry for the slow updates, but its been a long week, the UK is sweating buckets in a heat wave and apart from work i am trying to avoid my office!

My gold has doubled since my last update 1 week ago and now sits at 9012g! and considering I have barley relisted anything due to IRL, that pretty good!

Finally some Transmog sold, sadly i opened all mail without screenshotting names but its been a steady mix of very low value (under 50 gold) and low value (200g-1500g).

I did sell my Prospectors mitts for low 4 digit, which was a nice surprise!

Overall the bread and butter of my sales have come from low value greens and plans/patterns, while gold earning is slow, i have been getting some decent drops lately.

My latest farm Shadowfang Keep

My gold now sits at

Current Inventory Value:  155855g

990988 Gold to go!

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